Adult Skate Camp 2023!

Got back from adult skate camp on Sunday afternoon, and whoooooo boy was I sore. Definitely jelly-legs from all the pumping around, and practice on transition, but the biggest injury by far came from flomping onto my neck while playing around on the trampoline late at night. Be careful on trampolines! Registration is already open for 2024, and will be happening over the Labor Day weekend. Get yer tickets now!

The place is huge, this is just part of the outside concrete ramp:

This is what I call “slappy central”, where everyone who’s doing street and grinds hangs out all day. Great obstacles, great people.

I donked myself with my board airing out at one point. This lump started swelling up instantly.

And this has to be at least a 10 foot jump, right? Right?!

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