Flatland Skateboard Training Program

Here’s the training program that I’m currently working. I believe that it’s about on the money for someone with 3-5 years of dedicated practice and 95th-percentile core physical fitness. This is not meant to get you oodles of new tricks, it’s the drill-and-mastery oriented practice practice practice approach to emulating the endless time and unswerving focus of the 15-year old.

In addition to a minimum of 1 hour skateboarding every day:

  • Alternate daily between (40 minutes):
    • lower body (squats, heel raises, weighted vertical jumps, weighted lateral jumps, weighted single-leg jumps, weighted 180º jump-rotations)
    • upper body (exclusively on the olympic rings: push up, plank, mountain climbers, dips, pull up progressing to full muscle up, lower leg-raise progressing to full pike)
  • minimum 30 minutes of yoga per day (it’s pretty hard to beat Yoga with Adrienne)

Skate routine (everything rolling. don’t drill tricks not rolling, you’ll handicap yourself brutally. Ask how I know):

  • Ollies.
  • Shuvits, frontside and backside. Progress to pop shuvits. Progress to tre flips.
  • 180s, frontside and backside. Progress to bigspin. Progress to biggerspin.
  • Kickflips
  • Heelflips
  • Tailslides and noseslides, frontside and backside. Progress to shuv out. Progress to kickflip in. Progress to kickflip out.
  • 5050s. Progress to kickflip in. Progress to kickflip out.

Full-routine progressions:

  • Do everything over a parking bumper.
  • Do everything over 2 stacked parking bumpers.

Nothing in life is free, nothing worth having is easily got. Get out there and motherfucking drill.

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