Foreign sovereigns unchecked on US soil for years

The FBI finally walked into the front door of what’s being called a “Chinese police station in Manhattan”, nearly four months after the NGO Safeguard Defenders first reported the global operation to police Chinese citizens no matter where they live in the world.

I don’t find myself particularly astonished that our borders and national security apparatus is so flimsily operated that foreign governments are operating their own police stations and rendering their own citizens back home with nary a care for extradition treaties, rule of law, or what have you, not after the very obvious influence peddling and mind-control wielded by pretty much anyone with a bank account and the ability to operate AdWords over the past three years.

If anything, it should be a nice reminder to my fellow subjectscitizens of just how little our governmental operators care about the mechanisms of government that a citizen might care about when instead they can spend their time monitoring and influencing our politicians instead.

So although Safeguard Defenders parades around as an independent organization, you gotta conceive of it as just another arm of the unified security state. One whose job is to make sure that the FBI every now and again is seen to Do The Right Thing. Instead of whatever else it is they do all day, smear journalists and file content takedown requests with Twitter and Facebook.

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