Mini ramp update 2

Can’t say as I have any idea how I got out of Home Depot without pictures of the first haul of supplies for the skate ramp. Plenty of 2×6’s, and 3/4 inch plywood for the transition panels.

Apparently I failed to document the transition panel fabrication process as well, but I definitely ran the jigsaw way too hot, way too fast, and ended up with terrible cuts that I then needed to bring into symmetry.

Harmonization entailed buying a belt sander (oh no, more tools!), and screwing the transition panels together to ensure that each side of the pipe was sculpted identically. I started out attempting to do all 4 at the same time, but that really chewed through belts, and I was struggling to get good contact across all four at the same time anyways, so I went down to two pairs.

Long story short, I’ve assembled the skeleton of one of the transitions for the ramp, started laying out where I want the footings/foundation to all sit, and will be working on leveling everything up as we go.

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