Mountain Bike Oregon

Went to Mountain Bike Oregon again this summer, but this time I brought my son Cedar with me! MBO (for the uninitiated) is a 3-ish day mountain bike festival in Oakridge, Oregon. We showed up on Thursday evening, in plenty of time to pitch tent, grab some burgers in town, and catch the happy hour at the campsite. Note to self: don’t optimize camping for morning shade, as it will be cold and the small child won’t want to get out of bed. Instead, optimize for early morning sun, as that will get everyone out of bed faster.

MBO is 3 days of shuttled rides in a mountain biking mecca called Oakridge. This year I did Alpine, Lawler, Hardesty, Dead Mountain and I think Lower Fork (although I was promised Heckletooth). These are all legendary trails, and I noticed that while my skills had definitely improved over last year, my physical ability was definitely short of where I was last year. Topic for another post, but the move to Bend has robbed me of all of my time to work out, what with all the work that Kara and I had to put into the house to get it back to the point where we could sell it.

Lunch before we drove out to Oakridge:

Views like this are typical, but my phone was off for pretty much the duration of the event, so I don’t have any more than this to share. However, typical!

I logged about 50 miles of downhill on this trip, which was a downright intense way to start the bike season.

We also got to see some epic lightning while picking up dinner the first night (credit: random cool chick who had her phone on slow-mo for this strike):

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