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Let’s DDoS the IRS with an autonomous corporation and brokerage reporting!

Imagine an art project! Let’s build an autonomous corporation to DDoS the IRS and maybe even a bunch of citizens if we’re lucky!

First, we’ll need a girthy list of US taxpayers. Then, we’ll write an autonomous corporation that governs its own ownership list, and a “fungible token” a la ERC-20. Then, issue all of the US taxpayers some kind of ownership stake in the meta contract, and send them all a bunch of the company-issued tokens. The token contract issues all of the token-holders more tokens, proportionate to their existing holdings.

Then, write a script that crawls the parent contract, identifies all contract “owners” and all token owners, and generates IRS brokerage forms for everyone involved. Spend a few hundred dollars on printing and shipping, deliver the whole thing to the IRS, and watch the fireworks. Everyone now has to figure out how to deal with a) the equity grant and b) the token grants.